Shock Poll: Nearly Half of Latinos agree with Trump on the Issues. Except they think he doesn’t like them.

Access full poll results HERE.

A poll of Latino voters in the battleground states – Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan and Texas conducted in English and Spanish by John Jordan and Public Opinion Strategies had startling results with enormous implications for the November elections and a possible realignment of these critical voters.

President Trump has real potential to exceed the 27% of the Latino vote he received in 2016.  While not having a positive view of the President personally due to his style and the overwhelmingly negative coverage he receives in both the mainstream and Spanish language media there is broad support for many if not most of his policy positions; and broad disagreement with the policies of the Democrats.  

According to this survey the President is receiving the same level of support in these states that he did nationally in 2016 at 27%.   However, the president faces a challenge as his personal ‘brand’ is seriously damaged with these voters and large numbers of these voters don’t even know that the President is on their side on many of these issues.

Here are some of the key findings:

1.)    39% of the respondents approve of the job the President is doing and support his policies while only 27% said they plan on voting for him.

2.)   40% believe that if Joe Biden is elected he will be a puppet of the ideological left and not be his own man.

3.)   50% believe the unrest in this country has gone too far.

4.)   63% Oppose defunding and shrinking police departments.

5.)   52% Have a favorable view of charter schools and believe they deliver a better education than regular public schools.  51% say they would like to see more charter schools in the country.

6.)   68% favor reforming immigration laws to give higher priority to immigrants with skills.

7.)   43% oppose the government providing benefits such as healthcare to those in the country illegally.

8.)   53% say that there are too many illegal immigrants crossing the border into the United states and 44% agree that it should be a crime to do so.

The above is all well and good for the President but he has not communicated effectively with Latino voters as their views of his presidency have been shaped by organizations hostile to him.

1.)   68% of respondents DID NOT EVEN KNOW that the President has attempted immigration reform with a pathway for DACA recipients.

2.)   64% DID NOT KNOW that more jobs were created for Latinos during the Trump presidency than any other.

3.)   54% Believes the American media pays too much attention to the issues of Black Americans and not enough to Latino issues.

This survey paints a picture of an electorate that is not in line with the issues and priorities of the Democratic party of 2020; but doesn’t believe that Trump likes them and as a result they don’t like him.  By speaking directly to Latino voters in a way that overcomes the portrait painted by left leaning English and Spanish language media the president can connect these voters’ priorities with his presidency and grow his support into the mid 30s or higher.  Were the President to secure the support of 33%-38% Latino voters in these states the president has a clear path to a second term.