Longer Portland assault video released showing moments leading up to attack of truck driver

A 30-minute video of the attack on a man in Portland late Sunday was released Wednesday, showing a large crowd taunting, beating and robbing a transgender woman before setting its sights on the truck driver and another woman.

The footage, which contains graphic images and explicit language, was released on YouTube by “Lives Matter” producer Drew Hernandez. The video appears to show a group of people, including suspect Marquise Love, 25, taunting a transgender woman who they claim was spraying Mace at them.

Over the course of several minutes, the victim, who is wearing a blue shirt with a round logo on the front, can be seen in the background amongst the crowd, until he steps in minutes later.

People from the group appear to steal the woman’s skateboard and then her backpack as she and members from the crowd continued to have words with each other.

But after someone steals her knapsack, which she says is carrying her keys, ID and cellphone, the man tries to get in between the woman and the group, prompting people to throw a bottle at him and a liquid repeatedly at her.

The woman continues pleading for her backpack when another good Samaritan, who appears to be holding a weapon, tries to break up the crowd. The man in the blue shirt briefly tries again to step in.

For several minutes, the woman and people from the crowd go back and forth with each other, again getting violent at times.

Around 18:45 minutes into the video, someone from the group yells that the woman “literally just wants us to beat her to death so that we look bad.”

The crowd continues to surround the woman, who is sitting on the sidewalk, and the man appears to get in his white truck while an engine can be heard being started. People begin to approach the vehicle as he slowly rolls forward.

As someone shouts that he “didn’t do nothin’,” a blond-haired woman is seen standing in front of the driver’s side. Someone begins punching her, prompting her to move away – when suddenly a person jumps her from behind, causing her to scream, the video shows.

People again move to the front of the truck as it starts its engine again and rolls forward before speeding away. A car can be heard repeatedly honking, though it’s not clear if it’s another vehicle or the truck. Minutes later, the person recording video shows the crashed white truck, with the man outside the vehicle saying he needs help.

Despite a 911 caller’s report to police that “protesters drug him out of car,” the video shows the man already outside of the vehicle. As he repeatedly says, “Help,” someone from the crowd pulls the man to the ground. He asks if he can answer a phone call and says he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone.

After someone tells the man to “shut the f— up,” a person who appears to be Love begins punching and kicking him repeatedly as others try to pull him away. That’s when the person runs up behind the man and kicks him, causing him to lose consciousness.

When the blond woman who was seen being attacked earlier in the video begins crying as she asks why he’s bleeding, someone replies: “He wrecked his car and he got beat up because he was trying to run people over when he was saving you, OK?”

Meanwhile, other people from the group move to check on the unconscious man, while another person asks someone to call 911.

He was still unconscious when police arrived, authorities said. The man was taken to a local hospital and was later released. Police said he is home recovering.

So far, investigators have publicly only identified one person, Love, as a suspect in the attack.

Hernandez told “Fox & Friends” earlier Wednesday that it was a “traumatic” scene.

“I have seen a lot of crazy stuff, especially in Portland, but what I witnessed this particular night literally was … a borderline execution, an attempted execution,” he said.

He added, “By the time they had him on the floor, they had already punched him, kicked him, they brought him down strategically with some pretty impressive combat moves, twice, and he was already submissive on the floor. He was almost pretty much waving the white flag … and then they dealt that kick to the back of the head, which was completely unacceptable.”

Police have not released any information regarding accusations that the man had tried to run anyone over. Authorities are still searching for Love, whom they said they have probable cause to arrest.

Anyone with information about Love or the attack is asked to call Detective Brent Christensen at 503-823-2087 or email him at Brent.Christensen@portlandoregon.gov.

Original post: https://www.foxnews.com/us/portland-attack-witness-police-videos