China Infected Its Future with Coronavirus!

China – a communist regime in danger of succumbing to its own terminal virus…

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The future of China is in doubt.

It will survive coronavirus, it has to, but its mishandling of the crisis and subsequent loss of life throughout the world will take its toll. China will emerge depleted, weakened internally by its misjudgments and secrecy at a time when the world needed it to come clean.

In this digital age, when every detail is recorded by social media and rival nations and secrets are not what they used to be, China made an old world mistake. Abe Lincoln would say that today – “You can’t fool any of the people any of the time”.

We’ll take a look at what it will mean for Trump, Biden, Andrew Cuomo and the Democrats as we head down the road to the November elections, but first let’s get a look at what’s going on inside China.

Our guide Dr. Cheng Li grew up in Shanghai and lives in America since 1985 and is a senior director at the Brookings Institution. He’s a world authority on China and US relations. Thanks for joining us Dr. Li.

Is the regime in China on thin ice right now?