Coronavirus: What you need to know

As coronavirus continues to spread across the country and the globe, there is important information you should know about the potentially deadly disease, what you can do to mitigate its impact, and how you can keep yourself and others safe. Coronavirus: Symptoms and transmission […]


NYC hospitals using refrigerated trucks as temporary morgues

A spokeswoman for Lenox Hill Greenwich Village Hospital in downtown Manhattan, where several refrigerated trucks were seen outside, told Fox News that the city’s hospital systems are “actively preparing for a surge in COVID-19-related hospitalizations.” OCME and the NYC Office of […]


US Eyes New Outbreaks As Infections Worldwide Top 590,000

Original post: NEW ORLEANS (AP) — New Orleans rushed to build a makeshift hospital in its convention center Friday as troubling new outbreaks bubbled in the United States, deaths surged in Italy and Spain and the world warily trudged […]